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Dad Defends Daughter from Attacker on Father’s Day by KIMBER PEARCE

A North Carolina dad took action on Father’s Day when he fatally shot an intruder who had threatened his young daughter, according to local Police.

After receiving report of a breaking and entering in progress and shots fired, Wilson Mills police officers and Johnston County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene shortly after 9 p.m.

Joco reports talked to Police Chief A.Z. Williams, who stated preliminary investigations have occurred.

It appears the suspect had entered the backyard of the residence. He encountered three children playing outside and he targeted the 11-year-old daughter.

The other two children rushed indoors to alert their parents.

Shots Fired

The suspect followed the children and attempted to force himself into the house, violently shaking the door handle. In response, the homeowner took action and shot the intruder.

The identity of the 23-year-old suspect has not yet been disclosed.

The suspect was attended to by emergency personnel, but NRA reports indicate he died. Williams emphasized that the family had no prior knowledge of the attacker.

The homeowner fully cooperated with the investigating detectives and was not taken into custody, the sheriff’s office confirmed. Fox News informs us that this case is being viewed as a self-defense situation.

According to ABC11, Williams noted that this incident is one of the rare violent occurrences during his five-year tenure at the Wilson’s Mills Police Department.

Be Prepared – Even on Father’s Day

An article from Hager & Schwartz tells us that violent crimes are most likely to happen during the summer. This statement cites multiple reasons, including heat and increased drinking.

Next, another statistic from the US Department of Justice informs us that “3 out of 4 people will become victims of a completed or attempted assault.” In other words, citizens need to always be ready and capable of defending themselves.

This father was put in a position to defend his children. He had prepared himself by knowing how to use his firearm, and he definitely put it to use that day.

This Father’s Day incident serves as a reminder of how important the fathers – and the guns – in our lives are.

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