You have to be kidding, right!?!

Somebody really want to go to Hell I guess……………

Brian Szasz also responded to Cardi B attack
Brian Szasz also responded to Cardi B attack

Cardi B targeted Brian Szasz, the stepson of the British billionaire who went to a Blink-182 concert in San Diego while his father was onboard the missing Titanic submersible.

Taking to social media, the WAP rapper slammed the uber-rich son, saying, “People is like, ‘Well, what is he supposed to do? Be sad at the house? Is he supposed to go look for himself?’ Yes.”

Adding, “You supposed to be at the house sad. You supposed to be crying for me. You supposed to be right next to the phone waiting to hear any updates about me. You’re supposed to be consoling your mom and **.”

She continued, “Isn’t it sad that you a whole ******* billionaire and nobody gives a ** about you? […] That’s crazy. I’d rather be broke. I’d rather be broke and poor, but knowing that I’m loved.”

It is pertinent to mention here Titanic submersible was boarded by five crew including, British businessman Hamish Harding; Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son, Suleman; French explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet, and the CEO of OceanGate, Stockton Rush, went to witness the wreckage of the Titanic.

However, the ship lost contact with the life above the surface after its descent.

Frantic searches were ongoing since the 96-hour window, referring to the timespan of oxygen availability on the ship, was running out fast.

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