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Justa heads up for my fellow Californians

The BIG San Diego Gun Show

The The BIG San Diego Gun Show will be held on Jun 3rd-4th, 2023 in San Diego, CA. This San Diego gun show is held at East San Diego Masonic Lodge


Now for the BAD News

In that I just came back from the San Diego Gun Show in East San Diego with the Boss. Who had a great time down there by the way as Dago is a really nice town.

But I digress.  Here is what I saw while there at around 14:00 today. A grand total of about 20 guns for sale there. The rest of it was basically a really nice knife show. So care to guess which “show” this old fart and his money is NOT ever going to again ? One guess only Gang by the way


PS I guess that the age of going to a decent Gun Show & having some fun with old /new friends in the formerly Golden State is gone for good!

So Thanks Sacramento for a job that was REALLY well done & close to your heart! (Sacramento’s mantra is I swear “Somebody out there is somehow having fun & or making money. SO we gotta stop it by all means fair or foul!”)

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