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Four-Time Felon Attempts to Rob Concealed Carrier on Chicago Train… by MATTYP

Chicago has long been known as a city with some of the strictest gun laws; laws that were passed in an effort to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and increase the overall safety of the city. Are these laws living up to the hype?

The short answer: No!

The long answer: Regardless of any law restricting or prohibiting firearms, criminals will continue to find and use them.

On Friday, January 20, shortly before 5:00 pm, a 25-year-old bank security guard was riding the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) home when Darius Moss, 33, who has been arrested 32 times by Chicago police and convicted of four felonies since 2014, boarded his train car and started staring at him while smoking, reports Fox News.

An argument ensued until Moss revealed a firearm and proceeded to announce a robbery. Holding the victim at gunpoint, Moss allegedly took the man’s keys, phone, credit card, and, notably, his concealed carry license.

Moss threatened to shoot the victim if he did not exit the train at Cicero station, according to prosecutor Christopher Cromydas, as he recounted the story before Judge Maryam Ahmad during the bail hearing for Moss.

After stepping off the train at Cicero station, the guard pulled out his own firearm on the platform. He then re-entered the train and launched into a “firefight” with Moss where he expended 18 rounds, four of which jammed, Cromydas continued.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Judge Ahmad interjected. “A firefight on the train?”

“Yes, your honor,” Cromydas confirmed, explaining that the gunfight took place on the train and the platform.

Of the 18 rounds, Moss was only shot once in the leg, according to the Chicago police. Additionally, the victim was not injured, and there were no other injuries reported.

After the firefight, Moss exited at the Cicero station while the victim continued riding the train for approximately 3.5 miles to the Laramie station, where he identified himself to the police and explained what happened.

Chicago cops found Moss walking in the Cicero station area and recovered the victim’s property from his possession, along with a revolver that contained four bullets and one spent casing.

“It is a pure miracle by the grace of God that no one was killed, that no innocent bystander was killed,” Judge Ahmad remarked.

According to the public defender assigned to Moss, he has two children and is pursuing a career as a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technician.

He is charged with armed habitual criminal and armed robbery with a firearm. Judge Ahmad was barred from holding Moss without bail because prosecutors did not ask her to.

“This is just ridiculous. Ridiculous,” Ahmad continued before ordering Moss to pay a $25,000 deposit toward bail to be released before trial.

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