Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is looking to give prosecutors in the Lone Star State a powerful tool against violent criminals.

“We have to put these people in jail a mandatory decade. Use a gun in a crime, ten years mandatory,” said Patrick.

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Patrick’s calling the crack-down measure a “priority” in the coming legislative session.

“We’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of criminals, this Wild West nonsense out there,” said Patrick.

The concept of additional time for gun crime is drawing support from Harris County’s District Attorney Kim Ogg.

“Mandatory minimums work wonders when it comes to actually holding people accountable for certain crimes. They are always expensive because a mandatory minimum means a person will serve a certain sentence when convicted of a violation of that law. Where it will help is keeping the truly dangerous, the most dangerous criminals off the street longer,” said Ogg.

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By inclination and necessity, a crusader against violent crime, Ogg says more than 1,300 accused murderers are currently free on bond in Harris County, representing a clear and present threat to public safety.

She believes a majority of crime weary Harris County residents, both Democrat and Republican, are likely to support Patrick’s proposal.

“I think that people are so upset. They are suffering from crime that has plagued our urban areas, especially violent crime, that they may want this. It is a sign of the times,” said Ogg, who says Patrick’s legislation should include prosecutorial discretion.