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REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED?  On June 28, 2022, it was reported that California gun owners had been put at risk by the Attorney General’s office after a new “dashboard” disclosed the personal data of CCW holders and applicants for the past ten years, as well as those on the Assault Weapons Registry, plus the entire Dealer Record of Sale database and those on the Gun Violence Restraining Order list.

WHAT STEPS WERE IMMEDIATELY TAKEN? Gun Owners of California as well as other Second Amendment groups immediately got to work informing gun owners of this egregious and illegal release of private data, and began to collect information as to what would be the most effective way to hold the DOJ responsible. Research on how to proceed with a class action lawsuit was set in motion and it was ultimately determined that this path would not stand up in court as the damages from the leak would vary between affected individuals. 

WHAT IS THE STATUS NOW?  An out-of-state Second Amendment group filed a class action lawsuit last summer, but this was recently dropped, which means that there is no legal action currently being pursued against the DOJ for the release of confidential data.

THESE ARE THE NEXT STEPS FOR THOSE WHOSE DATA WAS LEAKED: We know – this is frustrating, but it is important.  If you want to protect your right to pursue legal action in the future, it is imperative that you fill out an Administrative Claim Form (link to form below).  An Administrative Claim Form puts the state on notice that a claim may be filed.

DOES THIS MEAN I WILL BE OBLIGATED TO PURSUE LEGAL ACTION?  NO, it simply preserves your right should you want to pursue it in the future.

WHAT GOC RECOMMENDS:  As infuriating as this is, this is the most appropriate legal recourse at this time.  We strongly believe every single person whose confidential data was leaked to the internet and beyond should protect their future interests and fill out the form.  There is a cost of $25 and there is no binding obligation, but it is important that the State of California hears from all of us. This is a small cost to pay to preserve your rights.

THE ADMINISTRATIVE CLAIM FORM MUST BE FILED BY DECEMBER 27, 2022.  It is self-explanatory, is fillable online and includes details where to send it.

For more detailed information and instructions, you can call Gun Owners of California at (916) 984-1400 or click on the following link:

If you are, however, interested in pursuing an immediate lawsuit against the Department of Justice for this extraordinary violation of privacy, the legal team at Michel and Associates have provided a draft legal complaint HERE.

Remember, the deadline to preserve your right to sue the Department of Justice is December 27, 2022.


Here is the forms for it Grumpy

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