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WATCH: Idiot Tries to Rob Car Spa with Slide Locked Back by KIMBER PEARCE

Surveillance footage released by the Car Care Auto Spa shows the encounter.

An armed robbery attempt was foiled last month in Chicago when a business owner grabbed the suspect’s gun and chased him out.

James Suh, owner of Car Care Auto Spa in the Windy City, was at work one evening when “all of a sudden, it’s just, ‘hey give me all of your money,’” he told ABC7Chicago in a recent interview.

He looked up to see a man with a gun leveled at his face. At first, trying to de-escalate the scenario, he stalled as the man continued demanding money, explaining that a key was necessary for the cash drawer to be unlocked.

Suh is a concealed carry license holder, although his firearm was unfortunately absent during the incident.

During the verbal exchange, Suh noticed something about the robber’s pistol.

“He kinda like tries to rack his gun and it looked to me like it got jammed, the slide was locked back,” Suh explained.

In a moment that Suh later identified as a purely emotional decision, he grabbed at the gun, and the robber tried to evade him.

Surveillance footage shows the fight that ensued inside the shop, in which Suh eventually gained control of the pistol. The attacker then fled the scene.


Police are saying that while the footage has been studied, no arrests have been made yet. Luckily there were no injuries, a detail that could easily have been different had Suh not been prepared.

Emphasizing that the decision he made was risky, police instruct others to not follow Suh’s course of action if faced with a similar circumstance.

But with crime on the rise, perhaps it’s time for more business owners to get their CCL the way that Suh did — they just need to remember to have it on their person while at work!

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