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Thieves Plow Car Into Gun Stores, Steal 100 Guns in Two Days by S.H. BLANNELBERRY


Authorities in Detroit, Michigan are currently searching for a band of thieves that stole almost 100 guns in two days.

Surveillance footage shows the suspects entering the stores by plowing a vehicle right through the front entrance.

Once inside, the masked bandits smash and grab as many guns as they possibly can.  They’re out within minutes.

Police believe there are at least 8 perps involved in the heists that targeted gun shops in Westland and Dearborn Heights, over the weekend.

Spencer Wong, who owns the gun shop in Westland, spoke to ABC 7 Detroit about the robbery.

“We even have a barricade back here because we didn’t think anyone would be willing to drive through the front,” he said, about the security measures he already had in place at his store, Armed in Michigan.

Wong said they made off handguns and long guns worth thousands of dollars.

“They’ve sure been here because they got the good stuff. They got the expensive stuff,” he said.

The thieves also hit CC Coins, Jewelry and Loan in Dearborn Heights using the same tactics.

Altogether they snatched about 100 guns, approximately 50 from each shop.

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“They don’t care. They’ll just come. It’s kind of savage. They’ll do whatever they want. They don’t care,” Wong said.

Wong’s right.  They don’t care.  They will do whatever they want.  Yet, some politicians are convinced that if we just pass more draconian gun control that it will somehow stop these savages.

Maybe it’s worth asking specifically: Would universal background checks have stopped these thieves?  What about waiting periods or expanded red flag laws or new banking codes to track gun purchases?  Would they have made a difference?

No chance.  Someone willing to drive an automobile through a storefront doesn’t give a rip about what gun laws are on the books.  This is a point that is clear as day to everyone — well, everyone except those who want to destroy the 2A.

ATF is now offering a $20,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of those involved.  Call 888-ATF-TIPS if you know something.

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