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Fort Worth shooting: Suspected shooter beaten to death after killing 1, injuring 3, police say

FORT WORTH, Texas — A suspected shooter was apparently beaten to death early Monday after he opened fire at a small gathering in Fort Worth, killing one person and injuring three others, according to police.

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The incident occurred about 1 a.m. on the 5600 block of Shiloh Drive in the Como neighborhood, according to WOAI-TV and investigators.

“A small gathering was taking place in the backyard of a residence when one of the attendees became upset and left the gathering,” authorities said in a news release. Officers said the attendee later returned to the party with another person and got into an argument with several people in the backyard.

The attendee, whose name was not released, then opened fire, shooting at least one person. Police said the unidentified partygoer suffered injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening.

“The other attendees of the party then gave chase to the shooter,” police said. “The shooter turned and fired at other people; a group picked up concrete landscaping bricks and started ‘throwing them’ at the shooter.”

Investigators said the group eventually caught up to the shooter, who continued to fire bullets as he either fell or was taken to the ground. At least two other people were struck by gunfire, police said.

“A victim was pronounced dead at the scene and another victim was transported to an area hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot injury,” police said. “The shooter was struck multiple times with at least one landscaping brick and was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Police recovered a handgun from the scene, believed to have been used by the shooter. Authorities continue to investigate.

Debra Mobley, a neighbor in the area, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that the family living in the home where the shooting occurred had only been in the neighborhood for about a year.

“On weekends they play the music really loud,” she told the newspaper. “One of my neighbors had to go down there and tell them to turn it down.”

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