A Victory! Leadership of the highest kind Stand & Deliver This great Nation & Its People

Here is the real secret of Why we are the Last Great Hope of the world!

I remember the day when I heard the news, That Ronald Magnus was elected to office. That & for the next 8 years I slept very well & soundly.
Now he was not perfect & I think that he would be the 1st to admit it. Also a lot of folks could & did honestly not agree with some of the things that he did.
But nobody could question his love of our great Country. He also guided our nation thru some mighty scary times & w/o  one dead GI. He ended the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union.
So I think that I am on safe ground. By saying that I think that History has been & will continue to kind to this Grand Old Man. May we have another one like him soon! Grumpy
Have a great 4th!

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