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Image result for Hunt sabotage The Look on her Vegan face says it all.
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I myself understand a little about these folks as my wife has a few as friends. What I have found about them is the following.
That they are almost all City folks.
They leaned toward the left for the most part.
They have an education of some sort.
They need a cause for personal reason. But the really major issues that they would like to embrace are pretty well resolved. (War, poverty,real racism etc)
The issue of “them versus us” is very strong in them.
Also my way is the only way is another problem.
That and they do not want to listen let alone compromise.
They are well fed and I doubt many of them have missed too many meals.
They have no clue about what hunting is all about.
I actually feel sorry for them!
Someday somebody is going to get hurt by these stunts.
They also might learn the hard way of the old school protocol of shoot, shovel and shut up. Which I am opposed to myself.
Here is some more information about these “interesting” folks.
Hunt sabotage is the direct action that animal rights or animal welfare activists undertake to interfere with huntingactivity.
Anti-hunting campaigners are divided into those who believe in direct intervention and those who watch the hunt to monitor for cruelty and report violations of animal welfare laws.
Interventionists may lay false trails or use sound and visual distractions to prevent the hunters from being successful, and enter[1] hunting estates and farms to disarm animal traps.[2]
Non-interventionists use video, photography and witness statements to support prosecution of hunters who commit offenses or to raise awareness of issues they consider show hunting as cruel, ineffective or in a bad light.
In the United Kingdom the interventionists are often[citation needed] (but not always) members of the Hunt Saboteurs Association, while the non-interventionists are often members of the League Against Cruel Sports or, more recently, Protect Our Wild Animals or the International Fund for Animal Welfare.
Every year in Spain, organizations such as Equanimal or the platform Matar por matar, non[3] are involved in the sabotage of the Copa Nacional de Caza del Zorro (Spanish: “National Fox Hunt Cup”) following the hunters making noise with megaphones to scare foxes and preventing them from being killed.[4][5]

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