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As a survivor of the United States Army. I have mixed feelings about this. As the Green Machine does have some big toys. To be used on changing other folks minds.
But it seems that the World Greatest Taxi / Moving Company has bigger ordnance. For Example:
This is a 16 inch shell from a modern WW II Battleshipinert replica 16"/50 Iowa-Class Battleship ordnance display artillery cannon USN
All I know is that I would not like to be on the receiving end like the Marines on Guadalcanal got from the Battleships Hiei & The Kirishima back in WWII.
Anyways, considering all the time & money spent on this battlewagons. Which was a large fortune at the time.
The US Navy only fought two Battleship V Battleship fights in WWI & WWII Battles against the Imperial Japanese Navy. (The Kaiser would not let his fleet out against us in WWI.)
But the good news is that we won both of those fights. As the War in the Pacific being one of aerial warfare and Carriers. When the Big gun ships basically acted like floating anti aircraft batteries with the occasional shore bombardments.
Nonetheless, These ships of the Iowa class would serve in Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon and the 1st war in Kuwait. Where they rained down hell on the Republic’s Enemies.
Now if you get a chance. A lot of states saved their namesake ships. If you get a chance, I highly recommend seeing one or two. Its will be a real eye opener for you.
(USS Texas, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Iowa & the Missouri)
Quite a story eh?
Big Guns Navy cut away
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Here are some videos
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Preview YouTube video BOOM! U.S. BATTLESHIPS – Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri & Wisconsin – in FIREPOWER DEMONSTRATIONS!

Preview YouTube video an Iowa Class Battleship fires its 16 inch guns – FULL VIDEO

Preview YouTube video Turret Crawl

Preview YouTube video USS Missouri 16″ Guns Firing (inside)

Preview YouTube video 16 Inch Gun Training Film

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