Anti Civil Rights ideas & "Friends"

From Theo Sparks

“Assault Weapons Should Not Be…”………………….from Rico

Kamala Harris, California Democrat and 2020 Presidential candidate hopeful says:
“Assault weapons* should NOT be walking the streets of a civilized country.” (…apparently believing that she should decide what ‘rights’** Americans may have…typical Leftist Democrat.)
Meanwhile, free Americans who believe they (and the Consitution) determine what rights they have and not some political demagogue quite beg to differ, and retort:
“Progressive Democrats should NOT be walking the streets of a civilized country.”
Note: Dead African-Americans in heavily Democrat and gun-controlled Chicago could not be reached to voice their opinion on the topic.
* Assault weapons: Anything a Leftist finds skeery, there being no other actual definition.
** Rights: Considered not to be infringed and inalienable (not granted by, but protected by the Constitution) by Americans; considered ‘privileges’ to be given or withdrawn by Leftists that know better than everyone else what’s actually best for them.

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