A Sellier & Bellot ammo review

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In the spirit of Transparency

(What ever the F**K that is!)

I want to let you know that I have have used this brand for a very long time. As usually it is very cheap and for the price that is sold at very good.
In plain English that means that it is fairly accurate and does not leave a huge mess in your gun after using it. Unlike some other major league Brands that I could mention. But do not want to get sued by!
And no I am not getting a kick back from them. But I do have a Paypal Button by the way. If somebody wants to help with my financial affairs!
PS Most of the time today. When I stock up on ammo. I usually go to a Gunshow.
As you will usually get a better deal than at your local Gun Emporium. Who has a much higher overhead than the guys at the show!

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