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What the Other (Rich) Half take to the Field

Now here below is what I call a High End Custom Bolt Action Rifles.
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It’s probably from Purdey or Holland & Holland. Where you place your order and in a couple of years. You then will hopefully get it.
(I also have been told that the waiting list is very long. That & it has some very distinguished names on it. But the Staff is way too discrete to say who.)
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But first, It is only after you put down several thousand British pounds. (They take Credit Cards by the way)
That the process is started. When you get to go thru the catalog to see what you want on it.
The customer is then gotten measured for it. (Just like a Saville Suit) With the Head Clerk asking a lot of very good questions on what the Gentleman wants & needs are.
This place is also where the idea of High End European Craftsman ship is still alive & well. (The Gunsmiths there actually wear ties while working on their projrcts)
So as you can plainly see, It is a long ways from some of the other stuff. That you see being sold at most gun shops today.
I myself would love to have one of these someday. But I just never seem to get the right numbers on the Lottery for some reason.
But looking is free & one can still dream of having a couple in the Old Gun Safe. Someday!
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Below also is a highly customized Pre-64 Winchester. As you can see its no slouch either.
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